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2020-10-02 03:45 pm
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Welcome to Eternal Silence a journal dedicated to art! But before going any further into this journal, please read the following few important notes. Thanks ♥

I won't say goodbye even if I can't meet you right away )
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2010-09-12 02:26 pm
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Angel on hiatus

To the people who are also friending my personal journal [personal profile] lost_in_thought, you can skip this entry since you already know what the announcement that I'll be making in the few following lines is about ;)

Announcement is a big word. It's more like an update of what's going on with me and my online activities. To put this simple, I'll be going on hiatus until September 24th. The worst scenario is December 17th. I'm currently following a session of intensive courses at the University, followed by a 12 weeks placement and it's demanding a lot of my time (to not say all of it). This being said, I won't really be posting comments or reply to some. But I will try to answer the messages that I have in my inbox today. It's not a promise but I'll try very hard to get this accomplished. After that I don't know when I'll have the chance to reply. Sorry in advanced but that's part of the school life =|
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2010-08-03 12:25 pm
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I realized last night that I didn't finish a new drawing in over 7 months. Last time I posted something was Wandering Spirit back in January.

I barely draw. And it's not because I don't have ideas. I do. I lack motivation and assurance. I see other artists on the different sites and instead of giving me that little boost and think that I can be as good as them. I lose my confidence and the interest in drawing. Or when I do actually draw, I'm not satisfied with what I'm doing and get frustrated.

Why is it so complicated sometimes?

Otherwise, last week I bought 2 new sketch books and some charcoal pencils. The first one is for graphite pencils (11"x14"). I needed a paper that was in-between my 2 other books. One that I have I find it too big, and the one I'm currently working with is not wide enough. Now the problem is solved. I only wish that I could transfer some of my WIPs on this one.

The second book is for charcoal pencils (9"x12"). It's really small, and I'll need to adjust myself when I try it out. It was the only size that was available in the Strathmore series. To go with the sketch book I got 3 pencil charcoals. Soft, medium and hard. I don't know this brand, but they were the only one with a thin tip, shape of a pencil and woodless. I'm excited at trying those out!
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2010-07-07 06:27 pm
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Warm summer night

Hasn't post here in a while. But life has been quite busy and I didn't really have any "art" updates to talk about. However, I've been quite active on the different communities here on LJ, personal journal but just not on this one.

But, the good thing is that I've restart drawing lately (^-^) !! And continued an old idea I wanted to do for a little while. This drawing changed a lot. At first it wasn't supposed to be exactly like this and was very ugly. I have 2 references but they aren't exactly what I want so, a lot of the drawing is being improvised by me. Especially the hand and the hair.

Enough blabbing and here's a teaser of it!

Had Enough

I'm very excited at the idea of finishing this drawing! I hope it'll give the emotion that I want it to transfer. I also hope to finish it soon enough to start another of my older ideas And Cry.... I'm a bit tired of drawing in a "front plan".

On a different subject, I have a brand new layout customized to my very own taste or should I say colour scheme. I was one of the winners at the "200+ members contest" of [ profile] abellalayouts. In complete honesty, I'm in love with it~! I think it looks gorgeous and original. Everything is just perfect about it! Or close to be. Anyway, look for yourself [ profile] ivory_and_irony!

P.S. If you're using IE you won't see the "handwriting" font.

Otherwise, the weather has been deadly hot in the past few days. We had for 5 days straight over 40°C and it supposed to last until Friday. I really wished we had an A/C. The nights are rough. I pity the people that have jobs outside. Because of this, I can't really draw because my forearm keeps sticking to the paper. Or the pencil slips from my fingers. It's really disgusting when you think about it =S
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2010-05-01 09:09 am


University ended 2 days ago on April 29th! I'm officially in vacation despite having summer classes starting on May the 3rd. It's only twice a week so I'll be able to restart drawing! I think I'll start today as a matter of fact. I'll either work on "Blush Pink" or an old drawing that I started about 2 years ago that I suddenly feel like it should come to an end.

Lately I've been feeling really inspired. It might be the time of the year with Spring and the lovely weather, the end of school. I have a few new ideas floating in my mind, but I really want to finish my older drawings first. At least try.

What you should be looking forward during summer is the following:

» Phantasmagoria Series (1/5)
» A Drop of Colour
» Had Enough
» And Cry...
» Untitled

Order isn't necessary going to be the one that these drawings will be completed. Also, there's probably going to be other drawings that right now I'm not aware that I'll be working on. Chances are high that I'll find a reference and want to draw it at some point.

I really hope I'll have the time or especially have the motivation to draw a lot this summer. I want to get better and try to achieve some of those "dreams" if I may put it that way. Also, I'll try to post more often WIPs so this journal doesn't stay dead for months while I'm working on those pieces.

I also want to take the time to thanks people who comment and support me. It's very appreciated and gives me somewhat the courage I need to continue! Thank you ♥

I think this will be it for now. I shall go eat breakfast, do a cleanup in my room (invasion of the school papers!) and then take my pink coloured pencils out! Last time that I checked, there was a thin layer of dust covering the box! Haha.
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2010-03-20 11:06 pm
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Picture to burn

I lost the count of hours... Perhaps, around 5?

Nightlight VS Daylight

The (first) picture is horrible and blurry. The colours aren't representative AT ALL. It's supposed to be a hot pink, and not...this ugly pink redish. The makeup around the eyes doesn't even show pink too. Okay, it doesn't help that I don't have a proper lighting and that it's dark in my room. But you still get an idea of how it's coming along. I think that's the important part :)

I'm still trying to figure out how to colour this portrait in general. I'm not quite done with the hair but its coming. And honestly, I'm having a hell lot of fun doing this piece!

[Edit] I took a better picture this morning. I should have waited to took it with the daylight. But I was impatient has always last night. I think, the difference is quite obvious. Ah, it's so much better even if it's still a little tiny bit off. I'm satisfy.
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2010-03-08 08:25 pm
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"Blush Pink" (WIP)

I'm not sure where I'm going with this drawing... It's only my second time that I'm working with coloured pencils. I'm not sure if I actually regret what I did so far or not...

Currently attempting at colouring the hair.

Opinions? Ideas?

I'm open to any kind of suggestions :)
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2010-03-06 01:41 pm
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Step by step

Approx 1:30...

I don't know how I'll make disappear the black mark above the lips... My eraser decided to participate into the project without asking.

I'll maybe add some faint shades of hot pink...
Hair, makeup, lips, possibly irises...

What do you think?
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2010-03-05 09:46 pm
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Time goes by

After 30 minutes...

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2010-02-09 07:25 pm
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Livin' in black and white

This morning I got a flash for my future entry concerning the Colour Contest that I've mentioned about into my previous entry! Inspiration comes at the most random moments. I had this title A Drop of Colour floating into my mind for a few days and wanted to do something with this and link it to the contest. I didn't know what exactly, but I didn't force myself to find something. I knew it would have come with time whenever I would be ready for this drawing. And that's what happened this morning. I thought of this picture:

Which is exactly what I want to do. It represents well the concept that I was looking for. I'll change a few things here and there as I usually do. Especially at the bottom of the picture. It might be like a bowl instead of a glass or even nothing, only the liquid dripping from her finger. I'm still into the processing. Not really sure yet.

However what I know is that her irises are to be coloured as well as her makeup that I'll add. I thought of colouring the lips too but I'm not sure for this yet. Maybe I'll just add a faint tone into them. Also, I'm not sure if I want to keep like the reference, meaning white or do it instead black and add the colour. Speaking of colour, I don't know what tone I'll go into. I'm quite limited with my pencils. I don't have any purple, I need to "make it" with my red and blue. We'll see about that.

What I look the most forward to do, is the blurry hand. And the dripping liquid. It's going to be a fun challenge (^-^) !! I wish I had some free time to start!

By the way, I'm currently "working" whenever I have the time on a old drawing that I've started of Uruha from the band the GazettE. It's supposed to look like him this time. So, I can actually call this drawing a "fan art"! lol
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2010-02-05 04:07 pm
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A drop of colour

Finally the result for the Winter Contest were revealed, and like I thought, I didn't won. I'll be honest, I'm a little bit disappointed but I think it's normal. Somewhere inside, you still hope to win. Nevertheless, one of my favourite entries made it to the top 3 and won 2nd place. The 1st and 3rd place weren't part of my favourite entries. Anyhow, I'm still pleased to have entered this contest. I really proud of Wandering Spirit (^-^) !!

You can see the all the entries and the winners here (scroll down a bit).

I saw that a new contest was up~! This time it's called Colour Contest and it goes as follows:

What is your favourite colour?

Create a drawing using mainly your favourite colour. You are free to include other colours as well as long as it’s visible which is the main/chosen colour.

The motive is all up to you, as well as style it's done in. You can do it digitally or traditionally – exactly as you like. This is a very open contest allowing you to do it as you wish, without any limitations, besides the colour theme.

Deadline: April 1st 2010

I'll probably go into the blue/green colours, or purple/pink. I'm really not sure yet. Like I said, I just read about this a few seconds ago. So, I basically have no idea what I'll do. I might not even enter it if I see I won't have the time because of University. Anyway, you guys will no eventually if I participate or not~!
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2010-01-28 09:06 pm
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Sometimes I wonder if it's worth the risk of showing my art online. I've read so much about art theft that it scares me. It's not like I expect people to actually steal my art since it isn't that great for now, but... It still makes me wonder if I really want to spread my wings into this path. I know it's the best way to make something out of it. If I want to have a sort of business, online is my best option. Yet... I don't know. I see artists fighting for their rights over their own art and it breaks my heart. They shouldn't even waste their time on this.

It's crazy how far people will go to steal some else arts. Giving themselves all the trouble to hide the watermark and signature using Photoshop or other programs to cover it the best that they can. Then, post it online claiming that this is their creation. Pardon me? Who do you think you are? Who are you to take some else creation, feelings, emotions and efforts and simply say that this is yours?! And after that received all the credit?! These people are idiots, they disgust me. They have no idea how much those artworks are important to the artist itself. If they admire the work so much, post it if you want but don't claim it as yours. Is it so hard to say this amazing drawing was made by this person? I guess it is.

Why am I talking about this now? I just read on deviantART about a guy that took the drawing of a truly talented artist to put on his CD cover. He claims that he made it. Yes, maybe you're the one who changed the colours, added and modified some of it aspect, but the base is the same. Where's the credit? Nowhere. His CD is even available for purchasing. And do you know how the artist discovered it? One of her friend bought the CD.

It's so pathetic.
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2010-01-17 08:47 pm
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The dropping sky

Phew. That was a close call with the entry for the Winter Contest. I submitted it Friday night and the clock was going to tick midnight~! I don't know when the winners will be announced. There's still missing some entries into the main post including mine. Like I said, I don't expect to win. Sure it would be cool to win one of the 3 prizes but... It's not like I'm going to be sad if I get nothing.

University has restarted 2 weeks ago, meaning that I won't have time to draw until...a few months? It makes me angry because I really feel like drawing recently. The artistic vibe is burning inside. I often get that specific mood that I need to draw my stronger pieces. I can't really do anything about it. If I do take the time to draw, my grades will suffer. What's more important? I think you can all answer that question.

I finally got my screencaps for my drawing that is either going to be called Cry... for your memory or simply And Cry.... I'm not quite sure for the name yet, but I tend to like more and more the second one. I was really happy that someone took the time to do the caps that I needed. I can't wait to start that drawing~! Another piece that I believe will be important for me. "Someday, I'll want to feel the pain of the words I tell you"

I found another reference that I felt in love with. I found it on Facebook. I often browse people's photo gallery. This one is going to be into the "hatred" theme. I called the reference "You make me sick" just to give you an idea of what it's going to be about. That's another one that I really anticipate to draw. "Someday, the words I want to tell you will hurt, I'll want to say them so badly"

Both italic sentences are associated with the idea surrounding those drawings.

Hidden messages?
Perhaps. If you actually feel concerned, you might be linked.
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2010-01-10 11:02 am
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Snow drop

I've started working last night on my entry for the Winter Contest!

I was aiming for a short and simple drawing. Hum... It didn't really turn out that way >.> I should have known that it can never be simple with me! Okay, it's more like it'll take me more time than I thought.

Deadline: January 15th. Today: January 10th.
= 5 days left.

On another note. This is one of the rare drawings that I don't have the title before making it. I absolutely have no idea how I'm going to name it. I have a few key words like, "wandering", "spirit", "winter", "snow", yet I don't find any mix of words that feels right.

I also have no whatsoever idea what I'm doing! Generally speaking. It's really a "free for all" drawing. I draw without really knowing where I'm going. My mind is still blurry about the idea, but I just keep going because I only have 5 days left! Make that only today and possibly Tuesday. I don't have the time to draw during the week =|

A drawing without a title and a new style! I'm very excited about it (^-^) It's completely different from what I normally do. COMPLETELY! I guess I could classify it into the "anime" or "manga" category? And the new style comes with a new medium! Charcoal. I haven't work a lot with charcoal in my life. It's so messy. I love the results, the contrast is beautiful. The black is so pure. However, I really don't like the messy and troublesome side. Troublesome, why? You can't really erase charcoal once your paper tasted it. It's printed there and you're kind of f*ck when an accident happens. It can be very frustrating, and stressing.

Conclusion with this entry, I need to hurry and finish this drawing soon! I know that I won't win, there much more better entries for the contest. But I don't really care. I got an occasion to experiment with a new style and medium. That's what matters in the end!
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2010-01-02 08:07 pm
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A Violent Peace

I said a couple of weeks ago there would be some change here? Here's the announcement of those "news"! I decided to create a community here on LiveJournal for my artwork. That way people wouldn't need to friend this journal and have all the random updates that I make here if they only wish to follow my art. Plus, even non-LJ user can comment, so I thought it was good option. Ideally, I would prefer having my own website and domain, but that's for future plan! I'm going one step at a time. I'm still a little newbie into the art world! There's a lot that I need to learn.

Where can you find my community?

A Violent Peace )
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2009-12-31 07:58 pm
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I've finished my last drawing of 2009. I'm happy, sad and proud at the same time. I don't know if I want to cry of joy or pain. Numb is very important to me. I won't go into details now about my thoughts and feelings towards it, but it means a lot. I'm very satisfied with the outcome. I hope by completing this piece, it will also end all those darker side in my life. Lock the stories away with this drawing. I really hope that I can turn the page with this, and that 2010 will bring something better.

You probably have guessed already, but I won't post it online tonight. It'll probably go on January 2nd with the other "announcements" that I have to do. Please be patient :)

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2009-12-24 06:28 pm
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2009-12-18 11:14 am
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Here we are

I've been working on a lot of "side-projects" in the last couple of days. I'll soon be able to make the announcement about it! There will be some change here, but I do believe it's for the best. Please be patient~!

I also worked a lot of Numb. I would say the drawing is at 85-90% completed. I'm very happy so far of the outcome! I'm currently taking a break on it. I should be able to post it sometime either next week or the week after that.

I'll probably start a new piece sooner or later. I don't know exactly which one... Also, I might try to participate in another contest. I wasn't able to finish my drawing for the vampire one in time. I hope (if I participate) I'll have the chance to finish the drawing. It's really frustrating otherwise. The theme for this competition is "winter". Very general, but I have one reference that I'll try to adjust into a magical snowy land? I'm not sure yet, it's still a vague idea.
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2009-12-14 08:40 pm
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A small entry to simply let you know that I've joined today a new artist community, I discovered it while browsing the site of traditional artist Zindy S.D. Nielsen. It's a site very similar to deviantART where you can post and / or sell your art.

My portfolio can be found here @

I'm really happy, only a few hours have past since I created my account there and I already have over 275+ pageviews with 3 drawings and a couple of comments ♥
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2009-12-08 01:05 pm
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Flow snow

I'll soon be able to work on my oldest pieces and starts new ones! The ringing of the winter holidays are starting to echo more noisily :)

I'm really impatient about my new idea!! I already have the entire concept for my next drawing. I hope I'll be able to get a better quality of the reference. It's quite small and blurry... Hmm. I guess it'll be a challenge! The drawing will be called "Cry... For your memory". I'm going into a strong emotional portrait type and that's all I'm saying for now ;)

Also, I have a "commission" to do~! I told one of my friend, [ profile] amayelle101, if she wanted me to do a drawing for her, that she should just ask me. (People shouldn't be shy to ask~! I'll be more than happy to draw something for a friend!) The only downside, it just might take a while because of my busy schedule. Anyway. So, it took her ages to decide who she wanted me to draw (=P). Finally she picked up 3 pictures and I'm the one deciding which picture I'll draw. Who is it? JUN (currently in spiv states / ex.Phantasmagoria). It'll be my first, no, second time drawing him. I've never finished the first drawing I started ^^' Because I want it to be a surprise, there'll be no WIP of this drawing. I'll only post the final piece~!

My plans? Hopefully by the end of December I'll be able to post the finish drawing of the untitled drawing and "Numb". I know I'll complete "Numb", I'm just not quite sure about the other one. And, have a good start of "Cry... For your memory" and the one for Kairi. That's my objectives until the end of 2009!

I can't believe that in a couple of weeks we'll already be in 2010...