01 May 2010 @ 09:09 am
University ended 2 days ago on April 29th! I'm officially in vacation despite having summer classes starting on May the 3rd. It's only twice a week so I'll be able to restart drawing! I think I'll start today as a matter of fact. I'll either work on "Blush Pink" or an old drawing that I started about 2 years ago that I suddenly feel like it should come to an end.

Lately I've been feeling really inspired. It might be the time of the year with Spring and the lovely weather, the end of school. I have a few new ideas floating in my mind, but I really want to finish my older drawings first. At least try.

What you should be looking forward during summer is the following:

» Phantasmagoria Series (1/5)
» A Drop of Colour
» Had Enough
» And Cry...
» Untitled

Order isn't necessary going to be the one that these drawings will be completed. Also, there's probably going to be other drawings that right now I'm not aware that I'll be working on. Chances are high that I'll find a reference and want to draw it at some point.

I really hope I'll have the time or especially have the motivation to draw a lot this summer. I want to get better and try to achieve some of those "dreams" if I may put it that way. Also, I'll try to post more often WIPs so this journal doesn't stay dead for months while I'm working on those pieces.

I also want to take the time to thanks people who comment and support me. It's very appreciated and gives me somewhat the courage I need to continue! Thank you ♥

I think this will be it for now. I shall go eat breakfast, do a cleanup in my room (invasion of the school papers!) and then take my pink coloured pencils out! Last time that I checked, there was a thin layer of dust covering the box! Haha.
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17 January 2010 @ 08:47 pm
Phew. That was a close call with the entry for the Winter Contest. I submitted it Friday night and the clock was going to tick midnight~! I don't know when the winners will be announced. There's still missing some entries into the main post including mine. Like I said, I don't expect to win. Sure it would be cool to win one of the 3 prizes but... It's not like I'm going to be sad if I get nothing.

University has restarted 2 weeks ago, meaning that I won't have time to draw until...a few months? It makes me angry because I really feel like drawing recently. The artistic vibe is burning inside. I often get that specific mood that I need to draw my stronger pieces. I can't really do anything about it. If I do take the time to draw, my grades will suffer. What's more important? I think you can all answer that question.

I finally got my screencaps for my drawing that is either going to be called Cry... for your memory or simply And Cry.... I'm not quite sure for the name yet, but I tend to like more and more the second one. I was really happy that someone took the time to do the caps that I needed. I can't wait to start that drawing~! Another piece that I believe will be important for me. "Someday, I'll want to feel the pain of the words I tell you"

I found another reference that I felt in love with. I found it on Facebook. I often browse people's photo gallery. This one is going to be into the "hatred" theme. I called the reference "You make me sick" just to give you an idea of what it's going to be about. That's another one that I really anticipate to draw. "Someday, the words I want to tell you will hurt, I'll want to say them so badly"

Both italic sentences are associated with the idea surrounding those drawings.

Hidden messages?
Perhaps. If you actually feel concerned, you might be linked.
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