02 October 2020 @ 03:45 pm
Welcome to Eternal Silence a journal dedicated to art! But before going any further into this journal, please read the following few important notes. Thanks ♥

I go under the name of Micaiah M.D. as my artist name. I was born on June 9th and am a proud Canadian native French speaker. I'm currently studying at the university in nutrition sciences in order to become a dietitian. Quite different from my life passion.

I consider Eternal Silence as my art journal. The purpose of this journal is simply to share and talk about my biggest passion in life; drawing. I also wanted to have a little place to myself where I could talk with other people about art in general. Have their opinions on some of my works or tips, etc.

Generally speaking, you'll mostly find my thoughts about upcoming drawings, future ideas and random updates or even facts concerning the world of art.

Note that this journal is public.

Most of my artworks are being displayed here except from time to time. If you wish to see my work I would recommend you to see my deviantART page.

Any of the drawings posted here are copyrighted "© Micaiah M.D.". I don't want to see any of my artworks reposted elsewhere on the internet without my written permission. Those are my creations. If you happen to stumble across some of my works that aren't posted into one of the sites listed, please let me know. Those art theft needs to be stopped. Stealing is a crime.

You can add this journal if you want either by commenting here or simply adding it right away. I don't mind. I don't really have a specific procedure. However, there is one rule: have some interest into art. I think it's quite logical since that's what this journal is about. I will check out your profile before adding. If I don't see any interest into art, I most probably won't add you back.

If you seen me around communities and would like to keep in touch but art isn't the thing you would like to hear about all the time. Check out my personal journal at [personal profile] lost_in_thought

If you have any questions don't hesitate to message me using the address below or send me a PM. Normally I should get back to you within a week.

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