02 October 2020 @ 03:45 pm
Welcome to Eternal Silence a journal dedicated to art! But before going any further into this journal, please read the following few important notes. Thanks ♥

I won't say goodbye even if I can't meet you right away )
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12 September 2010 @ 02:26 pm
To the people who are also friending my personal journal [personal profile] lost_in_thought, you can skip this entry since you already know what the announcement that I'll be making in the few following lines is about ;)

Announcement is a big word. It's more like an update of what's going on with me and my online activities. To put this simple, I'll be going on hiatus until September 24th. The worst scenario is December 17th. I'm currently following a session of intensive courses at the University, followed by a 12 weeks placement and it's demanding a lot of my time (to not say all of it). This being said, I won't really be posting comments or reply to some. But I will try to answer the messages that I have in my inbox today. It's not a promise but I'll try very hard to get this accomplished. After that I don't know when I'll have the chance to reply. Sorry in advanced but that's part of the school life =|
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03 August 2010 @ 12:25 pm
I realized last night that I didn't finish a new drawing in over 7 months. Last time I posted something was Wandering Spirit back in January.

I barely draw. And it's not because I don't have ideas. I do. I lack motivation and assurance. I see other artists on the different sites and instead of giving me that little boost and think that I can be as good as them. I lose my confidence and the interest in drawing. Or when I do actually draw, I'm not satisfied with what I'm doing and get frustrated.

Why is it so complicated sometimes?

Otherwise, last week I bought 2 new sketch books and some charcoal pencils. The first one is for graphite pencils (11"x14"). I needed a paper that was in-between my 2 other books. One that I have I find it too big, and the one I'm currently working with is not wide enough. Now the problem is solved. I only wish that I could transfer some of my WIPs on this one.

The second book is for charcoal pencils (9"x12"). It's really small, and I'll need to adjust myself when I try it out. It was the only size that was available in the Strathmore series. To go with the sketch book I got 3 pencil charcoals. Soft, medium and hard. I don't know this brand, but they were the only one with a thin tip, shape of a pencil and woodless. I'm excited at trying those out!
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07 July 2010 @ 06:27 pm
Hasn't post here in a while. But life has been quite busy and I didn't really have any "art" updates to talk about. However, I've been quite active on the different communities here on LJ, personal journal but just not on this one.

But, the good thing is that I've restart drawing lately (^-^) !! And continued an old idea I wanted to do for a little while. This drawing changed a lot. At first it wasn't supposed to be exactly like this and was very ugly. I have 2 references but they aren't exactly what I want so, a lot of the drawing is being improvised by me. Especially the hand and the hair.

Enough blabbing and here's a teaser of it!

Had Enough

I'm very excited at the idea of finishing this drawing! I hope it'll give the emotion that I want it to transfer. I also hope to finish it soon enough to start another of my older ideas And Cry.... I'm a bit tired of drawing in a "front plan".

On a different subject, I have a brand new layout customized to my very own taste or should I say colour scheme. I was one of the winners at the "200+ members contest" of [livejournal.com profile] abellalayouts. In complete honesty, I'm in love with it~! I think it looks gorgeous and original. Everything is just perfect about it! Or close to be. Anyway, look for yourself [livejournal.com profile] ivory_and_irony!

P.S. If you're using IE you won't see the "handwriting" font.

Otherwise, the weather has been deadly hot in the past few days. We had for 5 days straight over 40°C and it supposed to last until Friday. I really wished we had an A/C. The nights are rough. I pity the people that have jobs outside. Because of this, I can't really draw because my forearm keeps sticking to the paper. Or the pencil slips from my fingers. It's really disgusting when you think about it =S
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01 May 2010 @ 09:09 am
University ended 2 days ago on April 29th! I'm officially in vacation despite having summer classes starting on May the 3rd. It's only twice a week so I'll be able to restart drawing! I think I'll start today as a matter of fact. I'll either work on "Blush Pink" or an old drawing that I started about 2 years ago that I suddenly feel like it should come to an end.

Lately I've been feeling really inspired. It might be the time of the year with Spring and the lovely weather, the end of school. I have a few new ideas floating in my mind, but I really want to finish my older drawings first. At least try.

What you should be looking forward during summer is the following:

» Phantasmagoria Series (1/5)
» A Drop of Colour
» Had Enough
» And Cry...
» Untitled

Order isn't necessary going to be the one that these drawings will be completed. Also, there's probably going to be other drawings that right now I'm not aware that I'll be working on. Chances are high that I'll find a reference and want to draw it at some point.

I really hope I'll have the time or especially have the motivation to draw a lot this summer. I want to get better and try to achieve some of those "dreams" if I may put it that way. Also, I'll try to post more often WIPs so this journal doesn't stay dead for months while I'm working on those pieces.

I also want to take the time to thanks people who comment and support me. It's very appreciated and gives me somewhat the courage I need to continue! Thank you ♥

I think this will be it for now. I shall go eat breakfast, do a cleanup in my room (invasion of the school papers!) and then take my pink coloured pencils out! Last time that I checked, there was a thin layer of dust covering the box! Haha.
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